Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where did Chelsea come from??

Just a few weeks ago we were condemning Chelsea to a battle for a Champion's League spot. The race for the Title was between Arsenal and Manchester United only. However, in true Arsenal style, they choked at the wrong moment and have seen their season implode on itself. When that happened we practically gave the Title to Man Utd. However, Chelsea have come out of nowhere to challenge the Red Devils and tomorrow the two teams will go head to head in a game that will decide who takes top spot in the League with only two games to go.

It was only two months ago that Chelsea were 15 points behind Manchester United and seemingly out of the Title picture. In fact, Chelsea have not been in first place since Nov. 22nd. However a run of great results have allowed Chelsea to creep back up towards United who have faltered several times recently including a massive loss last week to Arsenal. Typical of Arsenal to leave it til it is too late for themselves to actually win an important game.

Anyway, Arsenal's win has made tomorrow's fixture a make or break game for Chelsea. Ancelotti has stated that, “For us (Chelsea), it's like a final.” Ancelotti looked to be on his way out of Stamford Bridge at the end of the season because of how disappointing Chelsea's season has been up to this point. However, if he were to win the EPL then you would think his job would be secure.

Ancelotti: Can he save Chelsea's season?
Ancelotti's opposite number, Fergie, believes Manchester United will win the Title should they beat Chelsea tomorrow afternoon. Fergie is banking on the Red Devils' home form to be the deciding factor between the two sides, "Our home form is a big advantage. That's the reason we're there [on top].”

As well as Chelsea have done to get themselves back into this position I think getting a win at Old Trafford against a United side that always finish the season very strong is just a bridge too far. I think United's midfield are stronger and have a better work ethic and, if they can stay strong at the back I don't see Chelsea getting many chances.

This will be a closely fought game and emotions will run high. Because of that, I wouldn't be surprised to see a red card.

My Prediction: Manchester United 2 – 0 Chelsea.

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