Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Premier League New-Boys

With every new Premier League season comes three new teams eager to try and slug it out with the best clubs England has to offer. This year the Premier League welcomes Queens Park Rangers (QPR), who won the Championship title, Norwich City, who got second place and Swansea City, who won the playoffs.

Both QPR and Norwich have been in the Premier League before but this will be a brand new experience for Swansea who have yet to get to the Premiership since its inception in 1992. In fact, Swansea become the first Welsh team into the Premier League after a dramatic victory over Reading. 

How will these teams fare?

Most of the time the promoted teams start off well. They have nothing to lose and they tend to surprise some of the bigger teams with determined performances that run on adrenaline. However, as the season goes on, at least two of the teams often struggle with Blackpool's recent season being a great example of that. 

A lot of it depends on how the teams act in the transfer window over the summer. Rarely does a promoted team perform well in the Premiership without spending some money improving their squads. With that in mind, QPR should be best placed out of all the new teams to retain their newly acquired Premier League status because they are the richest of the three clubs.

Personally, I would like to see Swansea stay up because I like the football they play. They keep the ball on the ground and they like to pass and move. However, they will struggle to stay up if they don't improve all over the pitch and add some Premiership experience in the vital areas at the back and in the centre of midfield.

Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to seeing these new teams take on the EPL ever-presents and hopefully give them a run for their money.

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