Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Game Seven Awaits Us - NHL Stanley Cup Final

Well, here we are, game seven of franchise Hockey's greatest prize. I have been correct up to this point with the Stanley Cup Final going seven games. I also still (sort of) hope that Vancouver will win their first Cup but I'm not really too concerned about the winner, I just want to see amazing Hockey.

So far we have been treated to a fairly schizophrenic series with every game in Vancouver being a closely fought, one-goal-in-it contest in favour of the Canucks and every game in Boston being a complete blowout in favour of the Bruins. It looks like neither team can get the job done away from home but I think game seven will be very different. We will see the Bruins offense turn up but I think Vancouver will match it.

Whoever wins it, this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs will produce a winner not seen in my generation. With that in mind, I look forward to what should be a scintillating final game.

Vancouver or Boston? What do you think?

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