Thursday, 14 April 2011

Can Carroll Power On?

Andy Carroll's brace against Manchester City could be the catalyst that takes him to the next level. Two very well taken goals that displayed Carroll's ability on the ground and in the air led Liverpool to a 3-0 win over The Citizens and he looked impressive throughout the game. He was a constant menace to City's back four and looks every bit the star striker we all know he can become. Built in the mould of a power forward, Carroll is helping to bring such players back into fashion like they were in the mid-to-late nineties.

Carroll can shoot, pass, head the ball, hold up the ball and has decent pace. We haven't seen a striker like that since Alan Shearer and the ultimately disappointing James Beattie.

Carroll's two goals on Monday night were his first two in a Liverpool shirt and were both very impressive. After a fantastic year in the Championship, where he scored 19 League goals to help Newcastle gain promotion back to the Premier League, Toon fans were hoping he would stick around and become their new talismanic number 9.

However, halfway into this Premier League season, after he had scored 11 goals, Liverpool came along and offered 35 million pounds for him. That is an offer that would be too difficult to turn down and off Carroll went. At the time I thought it was a bad move on Newcastle's part, but now I have had more time to think, I believe the move benefited all three parties.

Carroll with Suarez
Newcastle got the money they need to rebuild a squad that can challenge in the Premier League next season, Liverpool get a young striker full of potential and goalscoring talent and Andy Carroll gets to play in a fantastic squad alongside one of the best strikers in the world in Luis Suarez. It is the best place for him to be for his development into a world class player. 

Carroll already has his first senior goal for England and, for the first time since his return from injury, he looks set to power on and become a great player. It is important that Carroll stays in control of his emotions on and off the field and acts like a professional in the early part of his career so he can realise his potential. Too many young players are attracted to clubbing, drinking and pursuits off the field that can ruin their careers.

What do you think? Can he become the next Alan Shearer? England expects.

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