Tuesday, 1 March 2011

NHL Trade Deadline Day Round-up

I'll start this one off by saying that I was mightily disappointed by the lack of action in the last 24 hours of the trade deadline. We didn't really see any massive trades which I believe is partly due to how tight the race for the playoffs in the Western Conference is. There are so many teams that can still make the playoffs that only a couple of teams were selling. It would also seem that those that were selling were asking for a lot in return for their players.

The biggest trades were the ones listed below, many of which occurred in the last couple of weeks.

Looking at those trades above you have to say that Edmonton did well to get what they did for Dustin Penner. He is a 30+ goals a year man but he is surplus to requirements in Oil City because of his age (28) and what Edmonton are trying to achieve there.

Toronto did very well as they enter a rebuilding phase by selling off the likes of Kaberle, Versteeg and Beauchemin. In fact, here is exactly what they got:
  • Joffrey Lupul  
  • Aaron 
  • Joe Colborne
  • Jake Gardiner    
  • No. 1 pick in 2011           
  • No. 1 pick in 2011      
  • No. 3 pick in 2011        
  • No. 2 pick in 2012 (conditional) 
  • No. 7 pick in 2012    
  • No. 4 pick in 2013 (conditional)

What a haul for the Maple Leafs! GM Brian Burke certainly has grabbed himself plenty of pieces with which he can rebuild his fallen franchise.

It wasn't just Toronto and Edmonton who did well out of selling. The Sens managed to collect a hoard of picks too.
  • Craig Anderson    
  • Ryan Potulny       
  • No.1 pick in 2011 
  • No. 2 pick in 2011
  • No. 2 pick in 2011 (conditional)       
  • No. 6 pick in 2011
  • No. 6 or 7 pick in 2011
  • No. 2 or 3 in 2012 (conditional)

Not only did they get those picks and great potential in net with Anderson, but they also managed to clear a ton of cap space too. Ottawa are primed to rebuild in a massive way this summer.

The same goes for the Florida Panthers who mimicked the Sens' activity.

I guess after looking at what the Sens, Leafs, Panthers and Oilers managed to do over the last couple of weeks, you would have to say they biggest winners after the deadline were the sellers.

Boston were fairly active over the last couple of weeks and I think they were the team that got the strongest out of the trades. They acquired Kaberle (a target of theirs for the past couple of years) and added more depth to their forward lines. They are obviously hoping this will be their year as they gear up for a big Cup run.

I guess Washington also did well in finally acquiring a good second-line centre in Jason Arnott. With that move some of the pressure is taken off the top line of Ovechkin, Semin and Backstrom.

Here is a link showing the activity of all 30 teams leading up to the deadline.
I don't know how I manged to make this blog post a big one.

Anyways, enjoy!


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